Tolerable Opposition has the simple goal of preventing extremists from becoming Prime Minister of Canada by denying them the chance to lead their party. Your preferred political party may not win the next election, which means the next Prime Minister will probably not be someone you like. If we can overcome our political differences and band together to vote in upcoming leadership elections, we can ensuring that Canada’s next leader is somebody you tolerate. Ideally, someone of integrity who will not embarrass you or diminish our great country.

Right now Canada is at risk of following in the footsteps of other great nations in their descent to lunacy.

We have watched the world gravitate toward authoritarian and nationalistic political parties and promises. We are citizens who are ready to take action to prevent our country from following in the footsteps of the United Kingdom, which voted to leave the European Union, or the United States, who have elected a president that has already pursued divisive, intolerant and destabilizing policies.

There are people who are currently running for leadership of their political party who’s definition of Canadian values is at odds with our unique history. Their idea of what’s best for Canada seems less about what’s best for Canada, and more about what’s best for them and their immediate friends.

We can stop them, but we must act now!

Currently we are focused on the Conservative Party of Canada‘s leadership election which happens in May. After that we will be jumping to the opposite side of the political spectrum to follow the NDP’s leadership election in October.

Some Conservative candidates have already attempted to emulate Trump’s particular brand of authoritarian and short sighted politics, through appeals against immigrants and the economically vulnerable. Tolerable Opposition sees those candidates as a very real threat to the Canada we know and love and its respected place in the world. It is too soon to know the complete effect of the political outcome in the UK and America, but the way things are going, has inspired anxiety in a great many people living in Canada and abroad.

While no Candidate appears to be as outrageous as Trump yet, two candidates in particular have caught our attention for embodying some of his most disagreeable aspects. Kellie Leitch and Kevin O’Leary.

We find Kellie Leitch’s ideas to be xenophobic and short sighted, and Kevin O’Leary to be a bombastic, self-promoting businessman who puts his own interests above all else.

Tolerable Opposition is about taking the action necessary to stop the Conservative Party from entering the next federal election with an intolerable leader. We do not believe that any of these people are fit to lead our country.  We are concerned that they will tear down the reputation we have cultivated over the past 150 years.

Thus, it is important for our future, that the party be lead by someone who is less likely to bring forward a platform similar to those already plunging Canada’s allies into chaos.