Recommended Ballot

Tolerable Opposition and the CPC Influx movement, have brought a lot of new members into the Conservative Party of Canada. The next step is that we all vote together as a block to achieve the best chances of electing a tolerable leader of the opposition and potential Prime Minister. Tolerable Opposition and partner organizations have deliberated the merits and flaws of each candidate over the past several months. The result is our ballot.

By now you have received your ballot and are just itching to fill it out and send it in. This is what our ballot looks like, and we encourage you to vote in the same way. You can vote by mail today, or bring your ballot to a polling station in your riding on May 28th. We advise mailing it in before May 14th.


Endorsed Candidates

These candidates are at the top of our ballot. Tolerable Opposition believes they all have the capacity to make Canada better, for all Canadians. They have thoughtful and diverse platforms; good reputations and voting histories; and proven to carry themselves with integrity. The Conservative Party and Canada will benefit with them as Party Leader and Leader of the Opposition.

1. Michael Chong

Mr. Chong has earned the top spot on our ballot for being the most well rounded candidate. He has a solid track record in Parliament. He is always mindful of his constituents needs and is not afraid to put those needs ahead of the party line. Chong doesn’t promise much, but what he does promise is well researched, achievable, and measurable. Most importantly those promises are not in conflict with each other. Chong is one of the few Candidate who acknowledges the environment is worth protecting and has included specific actions to protect it in their platform.

2. Lisa Raitt

Mrs. Raitt has a reputation for getting things done, especially when working with those holding opposing view points. As minister of Labour her success was due to the earned respect of unions, government and corporations. Each of these groups presents its own unique challenge and Raitt was successful by striking a balance to ensure all parties were accommodated. This ability is an important quality for the Leader of the Opposition to possess and would serve a Prime Minister well. Raitt, like Chong, does not make outlandish promises. Her policies have realistic requirements and time frames.

3. Andrew Saxton

Mr. Saxton is a safe choice. He doesn’t do much to call attention to himself, but also doesn’t do anything to offend any one either. His platform can be described as cherry picking the best aspects of the other candidates platforms, without the unreasonable personal causes. While Saxton and the others often agree on issues like balancing the budget, only Saxton has a 20 point plan detailing how. Where most candidates advocate cutting services, Saxton focuses more on modernization of services and cutting subsidies that are no longer relevant over cutting things outright.

4. Erin O’Toole

Mr. O’Toole cares about Canada. Out of all the candidates his platform is the widest, declaring support for the military and veterans, the environment, farming families, and youth struggling to enter the workforce. O’Toole’s has the most comprehensive environmental policy of all the candidates. His platform on the environment attempts to take an evidence based approach to policy with a focus on research and innovation in low emission power.  While O’Toole’s platform may have more promises than most other candidates, he provides detailed plans indicating how he will achieve every thing he promises. There is something for every one in his platform, as such he has the best chance of uniting the Conservative Party.


Tolerable Candidates

These candidates are in the middle of our ballot. They are people we would tolerate as leader of the opposition and Prime Minister. They have glaring flaws, yet carry enough merit to earn your vote.

5. Deepak Obhrai

Mr. Obhrai thinks outside of the box, as a result he has some great ideas. One such idea is building safe nuclear reactors that consume the waste produced by CANDU nuclear reactors which were are used across the country. His proposed reactors could meet our energy needs for 5000 years based on our current stores of nuclear waste. While at the same time drastically reducing the countries Carbon foot print. Obhrai has the most political experirence of ann the Candidates having been an MP for 20 years.  While Obhrai has a lot of good ideas, he doesn’t provide much in the way of details, making us wonder how he plans to deliver.

6. Maxime Bernier

To say we have issues with Bernier is putting things lightly. His ideas sound reasonable the first time you hear them, but when placed under scrutiny they often turn out to be infeasible or contradict with other parts of his platform. As the only candidate seeking to abolish Supply Management, he is content to spend at least $30 billion to disrupt our farming industry and throw away the biggest bargaining chip Canada has in international trade agreements to save a few pennies per litre on the cost of milk. We don’t believe his Libertarian policies work in the real world, and they expose a lot of potential for abuse from big players.

All that said, Bernier is number 6 on our list, simply because we find him more tolerable than the others.

7. Andrew Scheer


Mr. Scheer’s  platform is a laundry list of things he would like to accomplish, with minimal thoughts on how he intends to accomplish those goals. For instance he promises to balance the budget within 2 years, yet, hasn’t published anything resembling a fiscal policy. In fact his entire platform is nearly empty of policy. We have no idea what to expect with Scheer.

What we do know is he has a social conservative background, while he has promised to not impose his personal beliefs on the rest of the party, he has not promised to protect those freedoms that many Canadians have come to depend on.  While at the same time he claims to stand up for Religious Freedom, citing his stance on assisted suicide.  He is probably the worst choice of Candidate from an environmental standpoint, his single environmental policy is enacting laws to prevent dumping of raw sewage into waterways. His other economic policies would risk the environment for corporate profit, ignoring the studies on deforestation to support the forresting industry and committing to oil pipelines that span the nation.

We’re giving Scheer the benefit of the doubt by placing him 7th.

Best of the Rest

These candidates can also be found on our list of Candidates to vote against, and only appear on our ballot because they are better than the remaining candidates.  We do not expect these choices to factor into the tabulation, but include them as a safe guard in case one of the completely intolerable Candidates makes it to the final rounds of voting. In the coming days we’ll update this section to state why these candidates are best of the rest.

8. Chris Alexander

Tolerable Opposition was born out of our opposition Mr. Alexander. Ironically, it turns out that he is the best of all the other candidates we oppose. He is an experienced politician, and has some reasonable ideas. But his track record makes us very weary, about what Canada would look like under Alexander.

9. Rick Peterson


10. Pierre Lemiuex

Anything we’ve said above for Andrew Scheer also applies to Pierre Lemieux.