The Alt-Right Can Be Defeated

Tolerable Opposition offers congratulations to our friends in the Netherlands for narrowly defeating the alt-right.

Dutch centre-right Prime Minister Mark Rutte scored a resounding victory over anti-Islam and anti-EU Geert Wilders in an election on Wednesday, offering huge relief to other governments across Europe facing a wave of nationalism.

That’s not to say this isn’t disturbing. Rutte lost seats and Wilders gained them, anti-EU just didn’t gain enough to form the government.

At 78 per cent, turnout was the highest in a decade in an election that was a test of whether the Dutch wanted to end decades of liberalism and choose a nationalist, anti-immigrant path.

Canadian Voter Turnout

The last time Canada had a voter turnout above 78% was 1963. This still means that only 33% of eligible voters selected Lester B. Pearson as Prime Minister. Do Canadian moderates have the passion of the Dutch? Will they turn up to vote in 2019 in sufficient numbers to stop an alt-right government from taking power?

Voter turnout in Canada 1957-present

23 Canadian Prime Ministers, only 3 were never Leader of the Opposition

Conservative party membership is estimated at around 100,000 members. There are 14 candidates and a ranked ballot. It is theoretically possible that less than 8000 voters could have the winning candidate as their top choice. This means that as little as 0.02% of the Canadian population would “get their choice” for Leader of the Opposition.

Tolerable Opposition is terrified there are 8000 or more. We’re afraid that voter apathy in 2019 will lead to the worst electoral outcome in the history of our nation. We want to stop that possibility. We want the opposition to function as an effective counterbalance to the ruling party. The Conservative Party of Canada desperately needs moderate members to vote for a tolerable leader.

Our democracy requires just a little bit of your time and money, $15 dollars and returning your ranked Conservative ballot by letter mail.


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