Protect LGBT+ Rights

Every political party in Canada supports LGBT+ rights. Even the Conservative Party of Canada voted to drop their opposition to gay marriage in May of 2016.

But the fight against discrimination isn’t over. There are candidates in the Conservative party leadership election that want to turn back the clock.

Candidates like Brad Trost; who feels he is being discriminated against for his discrimination against gay marriage.
And Pierre Lemieux; who wants to reopen the debate in Parliament. The rest of the candidates have their own stances on the issue.

White heterosexual christian males are certainly experts in ironic discrimination! But do we really need to reopen this debate in the 21st century? Should we also spend tax dollars discussing the merits of slavery and why Jewish people shouldn’t own property? Is this really what we want the Official Opposition to be talking about in Parliament when the Government should be challenged on the economy?

Tolerable Opposition has a dream, a queer takeover of the Conservative Party of Canada. We would like to see every member of the LGBT+ community join the Conservative Party of Canada and vote in the leadership election. We want to stop candidates like Brad & Pierre from winning leadership of a party that could win the next election and take away your rights.

Please share our message with everyone you know who supports LGBT+ rights. You only need $15 dollars to join before March 28th.


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