Progressive Canadian millennials can stop the Alt-Right in 3 steps.

Will you help?

Elliot Coombe – Mar 01, 2017

There’s a growing movement of socially progressive millennials who are working together to halt the spread of alt-right politics in Canada.
Emerging as a populist movement that harnesses anger borne from growing wealth inequality and stagnating quality of life, alt-right idealogues stoke fear and hate against already marginalized groups. In Canada, and around the world, this is manifesting as hostility and violence against Muslims, refugees, and immigrants.

The Alt-Right is alive and well in Canada. (Photo Credit: CP)

What Can We Do?

The Conservative Party of Canada is in the midst of its 2017 Leadership Race and progressive millennials have a major opportunity to steer the direction of the race. The Leadership election weights equally every federal riding, whether it’s a Conservative stronghold like Calgary or a riding with minimal conservative presence like Toronto’s Trinity-Fort York. So while the party (and most candidates) continue to focus on ridings with a heavy conservative presence like those in rural Alberta, progressive urban regions have a major opportunity to weigh in.

In ridings like Trinity-Fort York, the low volume of Conservative Party members means that it would only take about 100 people to decisively swing the riding for a progressive candidate. More importantly though, it would demonstrate to influential party leaders that a progressive candidate is able to put left-leaning and downtown ridings into play. That momentum could be a deciding factor in a race that will determine the future of Canadian politics.

Who is Michael Chong?

The Conservative Party Leadership Race poses a stark choice between 13 social conservatives who all embrace, to varying degrees, Trump’s pseudo-populist alt-right politics and a single, principled progressive candidate: Michael Chong. As Member of Parliament for Wellington-Halton Hills, Michael Chong has distinguished himself as a moral and principled leader in contrast with the increasingly xenophobic and bigoted rhetoric coming from other leadership candidates. As the only Conservative MP to publicly support anti-Islamophobia motion M-103, he was also the only candidate to publicly condemn the other candidates for opposing the motion.

(Photo Credit: Keith Beaty, Toronto Star)

Former Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and President of the Privy Council, Michael Chong publicly quit his Cabinet position in 2006 in protest of Harper Government legislation that embraced notions of ethnic nationalism in Quebec. It was a thoughtful moral stance that foresaw today’s alarming emergence of white nationalism and Islamophobia across Canada. In 2015, Michael figured prominently in the fight against Bill C-51. Introduced by Harper’s government and supported by the Liberal Party, it broadened the definition of national security threats and severely curtailed the legal primacy of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As the only Conservative MP to publicly oppose the bill, Chong has consistently demonstrated a commitment to his constituents and to the core Canadian values of freedom and respect.
From Democratic Reform to recognizing the urgency of climate change and supporting a significant carbon tax, Michael Chong’s platform is bold, pragmatic, and progressive while maintaining a conservative approach to governance, making him a broadly appealing and viable figure to unite the party under a new, progressive conservative direction. To read his full platform, see-

But does he really have a chance of winning?

Yes! Michael Chong is currently placing 2nd in national polls, close behind Kevin O’Leary, aspiring TV star and Trump-wannabe.

Fuck you, Kevin. (Photo Credit: Justin Tang, Canadian Press)

At this critical moment in the race, The Chong campaign must build momentum and demonstrate viability in order to secure support as other candidates drop out and the field becomes more focused. We can provide that momentum.

What you can do:

  1. Sign up as a member of the Conservative Party on Michael Chong’s website BEFORE MARCH 28. It costs $15. Your membership will be attributed to his campaign and contribute to his riding-based points allotment.
  2. Have 10 friends do the same, and encourage them to share the article using #10friends. This is a grassroots movement and it’s up to you to help it grow!
  3. After you’ve signed up at, cast your leadership vote on or before May 27.

And in the 2019 general election you can still vote for whoever you want.


But I don’t want to give $15 to the Conservative Party?!

Unlike the Liberal Party, which made its leadership race vote open to all Canadians, the Conservative Party still requires a $15 membership purchase to participate. This is designed to keep YOU out of the political process. Michael Chong has committed to matching the Liberal’s recent move by making party membership free. And remember- by signing up, you’re not endorsing the party or its policies, you’re participating in the process and changing the party itself, which is how democracy is supposed to work!
If you can’t afford $15, help the movement by sharing with your friends & family!

I’m not a Conservative, why should I become a member?

This isn’t about supporting the Conservative Party. This is about supporting our fellow Canadians, our environment, and future generations by standing up, speaking out, and effecting real change. Rather than let the Conservative Party veer dangerously towards the alt-right, it’s our job to take the helm of Canadian conservatism and steer the party back in line with fundamental Canadian values of multiculturalism, environmental protection, and respect for all people. Having a membership gives you a seat at the table.

Wait, I still don’t understand. Are you really seriously asking me to join the Conservative Party (the one that gave us Stephen Harper?)

Yes. And fuck Harper. Do you really want to see someone even worse come along to lead the party? Let’s do something about it.

I don’t live in a progressive urban riding, can my support still be useful?

Yes, of course! A broad national base of support will be crucial for his win.

What if I keep wretching while signing up for a Conservative Party membership?

It’s okay, that’s natural!


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