Please use your entire ballot

Tolerable Opposition and End Bigotry have created “voting recommendations” and we’re promoting them heavily.

A recommendation is only a proposal to the best course of action.

We’re not going to send any “hired goons” to your house if you don’t copy our recommendation exactly.

In fact, we love to hear how you’re voting and why!

Our recommendations are based on hours of research, speaking with members and working with our partners. We’re independent of influence from any campaign.

They have been boiled down to just a few statements for each candidate for your convenience. If you need more information, please visit our website.

If at the end of all that, you still have further questions, we’re available at

But please, use your entire vote, not just 1 or 2/10ths. You have 10 whole spaces to fill in to make 1 whole vote. Maybe you already know who’s on first, and you can follow our recommendations after that.

And remember, no points are awarded to 2 – 10 positions until candidates are eliminated.

Think of it like this, if my first place choice never ran, who would I vote for, if my second place choice never ran, who would I vote for, etc.


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