Pepper on your rape?

Kellie Leitch has promised to make pepper spray legal again in Canada.

“(When) prime minister, I will amend the Criminal Code to make it legal for Canadians to possess mace and pepper spray for self-defence purposes,” Kellie Leitch wrote, adding that the measure is needed for women to fend off potential physical and sexual violence.

This sounds like a great idea, in fact, Tolerable Opposition initially thought we might have found the black cat in the coal cellar. Kellie has an idea we actually might agree with? Why didn’t she already get this done when she was Minister Responsible for Status of Women circa 2013?! Was her old boss opposed to making Canadians more peppery and harder to rape?

Why is pepper spray illegal?

Devices that contain such substances have been banned since 1978 because they can be used as weapons to incapacitate someone as part of a robbery or sexual assault, explained Ian McLeod, a spokesman for the federal justice department.

Oh, right, we collectively forget, that if it is legal for Canadians to carry, it is legal for all Canadians to carry, both the really hot rape-able ones, and the really ugly criminals that want to rob or rape you. Statistically, 99% of the time, this dangerous chemical weapon is used on the victim, NOT by the victim to defend themselves.

It’s great, not only will it be cheap and readily available at any Canadian Tire close to your victim; it creates little noise that will attract police and leaves your target blinded and unable to identify you.” – Joe Hood.

Bear spray, pepper sprays weaker, dumber cousin, remains a legal loophole in Canada. (Because Canadians want their bears blinded and unable to identify them?) Governments across Canada are attempting to restrict the sale of bear spray. This doesn’t mean the government is pro-bear! It is because bear spray is being used far more frequently on humans than bears.

You must be this hot to purchase this product!

Any attempt to restrict sale of this product to “victims only” will fail. Seriously, think about it, you know this, you can’t discriminate in Canada. Who’s going to decide who’s hot and who’s not? Are you going to do women only? Not one woman will buy this product for her criminal boyfriend?

Please join the Conservative Party of Canada. Time is running out! You must be a member before March 28th in order to vote AGAINST intolerable candidates like Kellie Leitch and Kevin O’Leary. Please share this message with friends and family who don’t want to answer a knock at their door and be pepper sprayed!


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