Our Values

On leadership

Tolerable Opposition is a non partisan organization. We believe that our values can be agreed upon by all political parties. When we deem a candidate as intolerable, it is because they fail to meet any these minimum qualities we expect from a Party Leader, Leader of the Opposition, or Prime Minister.

We believe the leader of any party should support the following ideals:

  • Individual Freedom
  • Equality
  • Privacy Rights

We also believe that a party leader should also have:

  • Political Experience
  • Sound Policies

While watching the Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Race, we have found a significant number of Candidates fail to meet at multiple criteria. We expect to find similar faults with Candidates vying for leadership of other parties when their elections roll around.


On Democracy

The major Canadian political parties are too wide spread in their appeal. They cast such a wide net that we believe that a single party cannot possibly provide complete alignment of any single person’s political views. Conversely, that means that any single person can be satisfied with just a single party. With that in mind, we believe that Canadians should belong to and participate in multiple parties in an effort to champion the aspects of each party that appeals to them. We see this participation as the truest form of democracy.

We do not oppose the Conservative Party, we just know they deserve to be better.