Our Momentum

Tolerable Opposition and End Bigotry are going to win this election because we only need to stop candidates. Our original purpose was to stop Kevin O’Leary and stop Kellie Leitch.

We’re already halfway there and the election isn’t even over!

Our recommended ballot, and our strength in numbers is the best way to finish the job.
Michael Chong is number #1 on our ballot because he’s the strongest candidate in this election. We already told you not to believe the polls!

But please don’t forget to complete your ballot in full, and don’t be a Lisa Marie!

There are 13 candidates and only 10 spots on the ballot. Lisa Marie wanted to make fun of us, and she actually ended up putting Chong on her ballot!


We’re better, smarter, faster than that! We are the Tolerable Opposition!


Please watch the instructional video from the Conservative Party of Canada before voting.


Please do not make jokes with your ballot. Your ballot has special security features and cannot be easily replaced.


Your ballot will be read by a computer and any erased marks may show up as votes and your ballot will not be counted.


We are going to defeat the alt-right!



Because we know how to vote.

Please share our recommended ballot, and don’t forget to vote. We need every single one of us.


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