How will CPC Candidates vote?

The CPC leadership candidates are also CPC members, so who will they choose after themselves?

The CPC leadership election will be decided by preferential ballot.
We will be voting for our favourite candidate first, followed by less tolerable ones, and leaving the worst ones off the ballot.

Tolerable Opposition would like to know how you imagine the candidates voting!

It “probably” means they will choose themselves first.
(“probably” because Brad Trost is clearly trying to throw this election like a boxer who bet on himself to lose)

But who will they choose second?

  • Will Michael Chong cross out everyone else and vote for the environment?
  • Will Maxime Bernier use an AR-15 to mark his choices?
  • Will … Saxton himself remember who he is?

Please write us at and tell us how you think the candidates will vote.


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