How to beat Chong!

Tolerable Opposition has figured out how to screw over Michael Chong for everyone who HATES HIM!

Step 1: Vote for Chong in the CPC leadership race.

Step 2: Allow Chong to tremendously reduce our income taxes, and then raise taxes on CO2!

Step 3: Let silly Chong think this is going to be REVENUE NEUTRAL!

Step 4: Stop using CO2, and stop paying ANY TAX!

It’s an incredible, amazing solution, for everyone who hates Micheal Chong and everyone who wants BIG TAX BREAKS!

And in fact, every Canadian, regardless of sex, race, creed or religion can pay ZERO TAX!
You can be a regular working stiff with absolutely no income from capital gains! PAY ZERO TAX!

How is this amazing solution to Chong POSSIBLE? Because YOU use CO2!

But what if you didn’t? And Michael Chong paid the price in government revenue, wouldn’t that just KILL him.

This incredible libertarian solution has been brought to you by Tolerable Opposition. Join us in putting Michael Chong first on your ballot.

Michael Chong, we’re coming to get you, and we’re taking the bus.


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