Hours remaining! Join CPC and stop Trumps of Canada!

You must join before 11:59 pm (midnight) in your time zone on March 28, 2017. There’s only hours remaining to join the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) so you can vote (by mail-in ballot) in the leadership election on May 27, 2017. If you do not join and you do not vote, Trump-like candidates will take control of the CPC!

Tolerable Opposition was started over 6 months ago to warn Canadians about the impending danger to our political system. The Trump and alt-right style candidates poised to take over the CPC. One of only two parties that ever form a majority government in Canada. The party that swing voters will turn to when they become tired of the Liberals.

If any of the candidates that we have warned you about wins leadership, they will do serious damage to our democracy. Almost immediately, they will waste our time and our tax dollars in Parliament as Leader of the Opposition. Challenging the government on immigration, climate change, religious freedoms, gay marriage, gun control and a host of other issues in a harmful way. If they successfully take advantage of voter apathy in Canada in the next election. One of these candidates may even become Prime Minister with a majority government, and they will, as they have promised, strip many groups in Canada of their rights and freedoms.

Kellie Leitch firm on screening us for ‘Canadian values’ she will define.

Tolerable Opposition has argued that everyone should be joining the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) and voting in this election. It doesn’t matter what side of the political spectrum you sit on. It doesn’t matter if you hate the CPC and would never vote for them in a general election. The Canadian political system needs strong, honest and capable leaders on all sides of the fence. Those leaders need to be chosen by more than 1% of the population. Nothing in the rules blocks any Canadian or Permanent Resident from joining!

The hour is critical, the worst candidates are leading in the polls. We need you, we need your brother, your sister, your mother, your family and your friends. Please call them today and tell them to join, tell them how important this is if they’re an immigrant, a Muslim, a woman, gay or lives in the environment. Together we can defeat everyone’s racist alcoholic uncle! We are all Canadian and we will decide our government.

Thank you kindly,

The entire team at Tolerable Opposition


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