Do you live in the environment?

If you live in the environment, then you and all your friends should vote for CPC leader before May 27th. Why? So you can vote against candidates who would continue to rape mother nature. She cannot defend herself with pepper spray alone.

The Conservative Party of Canada is the only major political party with a minority of climate change deniers. This is in spite of the fact that the party principles, item 2.1.16, says;

2.1.16 A belief that the quality of the environment is a vital part of our heritage to be protected by each generation for the next.

The climate change deniers, think that protecting the environment comes at the expense of jobs and the economy. However, no one argues that protecting the environment would come at the expense of all the jobs and the entire economy. We won’t all find ourselves wearing loincloths foraging for berries in the woods because one man in Regina downgraded from a large SUV to a hatchback.

Scientists think we’re at the tipping point. We can no longer delay action without causing irreparable harm to the Earth. That means politically, we can no longer tolerate governments with leaders who would dismantle or delay environmental regulation. We do not have the luxury of waiting out bad environmental policy for four years or more. We need to block leaders elected by minorities to major parties now, before the oceans rise and the earth becomes about as comfortable as a hot cup of tea.

Scienticians like candidate Brad Trost think that climate change is a hoax. Let us suppose that he turns out to be correct. In thirty years time, we find out that we unnecessarily reduced CO2 emissions. We find out we could’ve been driving the biggest SUVs, burning bags of beaver carcasses, and using the 2-stroke french tickler a little more often. We will all collectively say, “Whoops, our bad, okay, everyone get off their bicycles and go back to the good life.” Robot unemployment caused by carbon tax will drop from 9% to 5%.

Tolerable Opposition believes that the outcome of ignoring climate change warnings is far worse than unnecessarily respecting the environment. That is why we continue to encourage all Canadians to vote for a tolerable candidate. A candidate that believes we live in the environment.


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