CPC Ballot and the Tolerable Opposition Effect

The last day that candidates could withdraw themselves from the race has passed. They have all stated that they’re in it to win it! Which means we’re still here, and we’re still fighting the alt-right like an angry beaver! We’re going to see 14 names on the ballot when we start to receive it on Friday, April 28th, and Tolerable Opposition is working hard on the correct grouping to get us a tolerable candidate.

Conservative Party of Canada 2017 Leadership Election Ballot

Only 10 candidates can be included in the preferential vote.  That means that 4 must be completely eliminated from the ballot and hopefully from this race. There are two names we will absolutely be leaving off this list, Kevin O’Leary & Kellie Leitch. With any luck, this ballot will be too complicated for the average Neo-Nazi to fill out and we’ll get a few “extra” votes in our favour! Alternative facts can’t be good for their brains.

iPolitics CPC Leadership Tracker – Least Likely to Support

We need to thank our supporters again, O’Leary & Leitch have taken the top two places in iPolitics CPC leadership tracker poll as the candidates CPC members are least likely to support. This means we’ve had an impact, we’ve joined the Conservative party en masse and we’re showing up in the polls big time! The war is not won, we still need to vote, but we’re within striking distance of victory, as long as we don’t miss any of the next steps. Please stay tuned to avoid a Trump in Canada!

Tolerable Opposition is making connections and crunching the math. We interviewed with 4 newspapers last week and made contact with groups like ourselves. Please bare with us as we figure out the best way to stop intolerable leaders. We’ll be back to posting more frequently soon.


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