CCFR Firearms Report Cards

Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR) has released their report cards on the candidates in the CPC leadership election.

The views below DO NOT reflect the position of Tolerable Opposition.
But information put out by the CCFR is interesting for both pro-gun and anti-gun members.

In the view of the CCFR, a high score reflects:

  • A candidate that would remove restrictions and regulation on firearms. (AR-15 is currently restricted, CCFR wants it non-restricted)
  • Taking the RCMP out of the decision making process on firearms classification.
  • Increasing the number of bullets a rifle can legally hold in Canada from 5 rounds to US-style “high capacity” magazines.
  • Respect, responding to their questions.

The CPC panders to the firearms community in every election. We advise both pro-gun and anti-gun members to read this list carefully.
Balance your opinion against other issues in this race and do not vote on one issue alone.

CCFR Scores:

Chris Alexander (B-): Chris takes the usual, safe approach to the firearms file, implementing the adopted CPC policy while not giving it any particular attention.

Maxime Bernier (A+): Max takes a bold but palatable stance on the file, with common-sense changes that will make a huge impact for gun owners. Max has an in-depth firearms policy that would see among other things the AR de-restricted and mag caps eliminated.

Steven Blaney (A-): Steven has a solid firearms policy. Previously serving as Minister of Public Safety he understands the file in great depth, likely due to some decisions that garnered him criticism in the past.

Michael Chong (C-): Concentrating on economics and climate change has diverted Michael’s attention away from the firearms file. Nothing of great interest to report here.

Kellie Leitch (A-): Kellie is a great supporter of self defense and takes a common-sense approach to the firearms file. Knowing the value of a diverse advisory system, she intends to make use of legitimate experts.

Pierre Lemieux (C-): Pierre did not respond to our requests for communication but does however have a mention of the firearms file on his official website, promising to respect us.

Deepak Obhrai (F): Deepak has not responded to our requests for a meeting, completed our questionnaire and has no policy or mention of the firearms file.

Kevin O’Leary (D-): While contact with Kevin is limited, we did get some answers at an Ottawa event. While Kevin claims to be a gun owner, his answers, in our opinion, demonstrate a less than informed view of the file.

Erin O’Toole (A): Erin has a deep understanding of the firearms file and a great respect for gun owners. He has an informed policy on firearms and is a supporter of our community.

Rick Peterson (C-): While Rick has a limited knowledge of the firearms file, he has made some commitments to using an unspecified committee structure to develop policy.

Lisa Raitt (C+): Lisa does not appear to be overly focused on the firearms file but has indicated she would appoint advisors or a committee to develop policy.

Andrew Saxton (C): Andrew hasn’t given the firearms file particular attention but does commit to using a well-rounded committee to advise on policy making.

Andrew Sheer (A): Andrew is a hunter and gun owner with a great respect for our community and a good understanding of the firearms file. His policy, in our opinion, is thoughtful and solid.

Brad Trost (A): Brad proposes the most sweeping range of changes to the firearms file from any candidate but we have unanswered questions about his ability to implement them.


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