Canada does not belong to “some immigrants”

Canada belongs to immigrants, we are a country of immigrants, we can all trace ourselves to some other soil.
It doesn’t matter if you just arrived, or your family has been here for ten generations, every Canadian who reads these words originally comes from somewhere else.

Our ancestors built this country and we continue to improve this country together. We have a free and equal society in Canada because immigrants like ourselves wanted it that way. Immigrants didn’t come here to build a society with the same problems as they fled, they didn’t pack inequality and persecution in their baggage.

So, why are some candidates in the Conservative Party of Canada leadership election telling us that “some immigrants are more equal than others”?

Is the country full? Baffin Island is standing room only now?*

The truth is, Canada has the strongest and most secure immigration system in the world. We are the benchmark, and our system is copied by other nations. Anyone who has recently received their Permanent Resident card knows the extensive screening we already do and how challenging it can be for the applicant. Help us vote against the fake news of Kellie Leitch! Our system is not broken and we don’t need her to make it worse.

Tolerable Opposition calls on all immigrants to help build our country again. Please exercise your right to vote in the Conservative Party of Canada leadership election. If you have a Permanent Resident card, then you can vote. You don’t need to be a Canadian Citizen to participate, all you need is $15 dollars. Wouldn’t it be exciting to participate in your first Canadian election with your new PR card? To choose our next potential Prime Minister even if you can’t vote in the general election?

We think so. Just please join the party before the deadline of March 28th.

*We apologize for misleading any new arrivals to Canada, Baffin Island is actually only used for strategic seal purposes by the Government of Canada. It is not usually that crowded but the photo above does accurately represent the extent of things to see there. Mostly snow, ice, and rock, with some rock, ice and snow.


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