About us

Our people

Tolerable Opposition is entirely run by Emery Finkelstein.

I was born and raised in Canada, and have never been heavily involved in politics. Like so many others I took our great nation for granted. I’ve never been deeply into politics, and never been a member of a Political Party before. I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world and see first hand how other countries do not grant the same advantages Canada does for its people. In October of 2015, I took a temporarily assignment in Australia, with the intention of returning to Canada in the next few years to start my family. Through 2016, I watched with horror as Donald Trump rose through the primaries to the office of President. I couldn’t help wondering if the same thing could happen in Canada and if it did, would I recognize my homeland upon my return. Tolerable Opposition may not be successful, if we fail to prevent Kellie Leitch or Kevin O’Leary from becoming leader or Prime Minister, at least I can take pride in the fact that I stood up for what I believed in and did everything I could.

Our story

The seed of Tolerable Opposition began as a joke when Chris Alexander declared his candidacy in the Conservative Leadership Election. A good friend of our founder had declared it his mission to stop the former Immigration Minister from becoming Conservative Party Leader and potential Prime Minster in retaliation for the hardships he endured while attempting to sponsor the love of his life for Permanent Residency. Coming as a skilled worker from Germany, her application should not have taken the 3 years it did. He joined the Conservative Party to vote in the upcoming leadership election as a response. While discussing the feasibility of joining the party to influence the leadership election, we realized with the small voting population of the Conservative Party Members, it wouldn’t take a herculean effort to sway the election. This was all hypothetical talk.

That’s about the time that the Donald Trump campaign really started to take off. Once he ascended to a presidency on a platform of hate and lies, he set an example for others to follow. So when Kellie Leitch started praising Trump’s ideas and hateful messages, we knew it was time to take action. Those hypothetical discussion of “is it feasible” turned into battle plans determining “how can we do it”.  Thus a joke became reality and Tolerable Opposition was born.

Our logo

It took us some time to find a logo that encapsulated the ideals of Tolerable Opposition. This logo, designed by Christine Kim, has many elements which that symbolize themes that are important to Tolerable Opposition.

  • The maple leaf represents the Citizens of Canada.
  • The blue circle represents the Conservative Party of Canada, and those threads that are using it as a vehicle to rise to power.
  • The separation of the top and left fronds form the underlying maple leaf, is the alienation so many of us will feel should the intolerable come to power.
  • The face looking left is Tolerable Opposition, preventing the blue from  overlaying the leaf. Protecting the last intact frond from the advancing blue menace.
  • The open mouth of the figure is meant to show that Tolerable Opposition, welcomes discourse and will work within the system to achieve its goals peacefully.