A Garbage Truck Full of Hate and Racism

Tolerable Opposition has been receiving a lot of hate mail. We appreciate it as a sign that we’re having an impact. However, emails we’ve received contain many of the same falsehoods and mistaken beliefs. We’d like to address some of the more frequent statements and attacks here.

* Warning: The language below has been copied directly as we received it. If you have sensitive eyes, we recommend you move on to something else on our website.

1) Your rug munching dykes with pink hair cuntily lecturing Conservatives on how to vote!

We have nothing against “rug munching dykes” of any hair colour. However, we can assure you that this wouldn’t be an apt description of any of us. We do, “cuntily” inform our readers on the leadership candidates and suggest how to vote. However, since the leadership candidates are doing this, we can’t imagine the Conservative Party of Canada has any problems with this example of freedom of speech.

2) You asz fuckers can’t just join da CPC when you dont agree with the principle of the Party.

Tolerable Opposition addressed this question in a previous post. Any “asz fuckers” or even NON-”asz fuckers” can probably join the Conservative Party of Canada. The principles are very broad and generic and it would be difficult to find an “asz fucker” in Canada who couldn’t join the party. Allowing a broad range of people to join helps the party gain support and win elections.

3) You are encouraging fraud in parties leadership races, it’s quite clear that parties forbid people to vote in leadership races unless they only hold one party member.

It is true that you cannot hold membership in another political party and be a member in good standing with the Conservative Party of Canada. Therefore, none of us are currently members of another political party. We do not encourage anyone else to violate this regulation either.

4) How would you feel if conservatives forced someone the majority of liberals didn’t like into leadership of the party? Don’t be a dick.

There are 14 leadership candidates. Outside of Peterson and O’Leary, all former or current Ministers of Parliament with the Conservative Party of Canada. They have all submitted nomination forms signed by 300 party members from at least 30 electoral districts in at least seven different provinces and territories. Paid $100,000 in entrance fees and compliance deposits, filled out a 40-page questionnaire and been reviewed by a party committee. Calm down, join the party and vote! These are all true conservative choices.

We want to see strong and reasonable leadership of all our political parties in Canada. Unfortunately, party membership and voter turnout is incredibly weak in Canada. We do not want this to translate into a narcissistic snake-oil salesman becoming Leader of the Opposition and giving us no true alternative in the next general election.

5) I find the utter absurdity of your pathetic attempt to influence the democratic process of a Party that you say you are not even a member of, to be utterly intolerable.

Incorrect, we never stated that we weren’t members of the Conservative Party of Canada. Everyone involved with Tolerable Opposition has joined the Conservative Party of Canada. We are all card-carrying members of the party and we will vote on May 27th. See you there.

6) Other than the fact you don’t like some of the people who may become the leader. If you don’t like a candidate or any of their policies, DON”T FUCKING VOTE FOR THEM, you fucking pieces of shit.

We, the “pieces of shit” intend to do exactly that. We are joining the Conservative Party of Canada to vote against the candidates and policies that we don’t like and do not think would be good for Canada. We’re at a total loss to understand the argument that joining a political party within its stated rules and exercising our right to vote is undemocratic.

7) On a scale of 1 to 100, I would descibe my personal hatred for you as infinity squared.

Infinity is an abstract concept describing something without any bound or larger than any number. Hence, the square of infinity is infinity. The alt-right has made it clear to us, that they hate us more than any set of numbers can measure even if they erroneously attempt to square a concept of no limitation. We believe this is because the alt-right cannot win unless they prevent those who don’t agree with them from voting. You don’t scare us, we have already joined, and we will be voting.

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”
– Winston Churchill.


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