Andrew Scheer Wins! Victory?

Tolerable Opposition was started to stop terrible candidates from becoming leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.
To stop terrible candidates from becoming Leader of the Opposition, to stop terrible candidates from getting a chance to be Prime Minister of Canada.

We have accomplished our goal. We initially came out against 7 candidates and none of those candidates won the leadership. Victory!

O’Leary dropped out of the race, and Leitch punched much lower than the polls suggested in the first round. The other candidates we opposed were eliminated early. The only oddity was the initial strong showing of Brad Trost, which we haven’t been able to figure out. No poll showed him as a strong contender.

We were hoping to see Michael Chong win, or at least one of our green candidates. We did see the effects of our recommended ballot moving through the elimination rounds. We thank everyone who followed our advice, who read our articles, and thoughtfully considered their preferential ballot on more than one issue. Unfortunately, the massive and unexpected turnout in this election crushed our numbers, and weakened our effect.

Andrew Scheer won, our last recommended candidate. He is a tolerable leader for the Conservative Party of Canada. However, he’s not a very exciting candidate. The CPC seems to have collectively decided that they’re very much against winning the next general election and prefer to remain the official opposition. Social Conservative groups are celebrating Scheer’s victory. Our membership more closely represents what the CPC will face in the next general election. We find Scheer tolerable, but not electable. We are generally not interested in having policy that encourages damaging the environment; or having biblical views forced upon us. Scheer tries to make himself as close as you can get to a clone of Harper, and the electorate already rejected him in the last election.

So, victory for Tolerable Opposition, albeit a bittersweet one. Many of our members were excited about a real fiscally conservative but socially liberal alternative to the current government. One that represented electoral reform and acknowledged the environment. They might even have voted Conservative in 2019.

Now, I can assure you, most of our members will be sitting on the other side of the fence.

Thank you,

Tolerable Opposition


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